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Our Company in the packaging industry, serves domestic and intornatial costumers at highest levels within quality standarts. To the companies packaging parts primarily provides paper edge protectors an also supply all packing materials in the most appropriate manner

Solutions and Information

Mukavim Packaging product Wet-Proof Edge Protectors, Standart Edge Protectors,Paper Flat Board, Wrap Round Edge Protector, Sliced Grey Cardboard, Angle Edge Prodector, and offer solutıons in the areas

Cardboard Edge Protector Advanteges

Cardboard  Edge Protectors provides protection against the hard knock tahat come from outside and ..

What Is Cardboard Edge Prodector

Which has an extremely wide application areas, especialy transportign and storage processes ..

Cardboard Edge Protector Usages

Cardboard Edge Prodectors with a full strength structive protect to products while transporting ..

Mukavim Packaging

Call and let us to make best packaging solution for you as Eskisehir Mukavim Packaging.You direct your all power and time to the your own job.Out of ordinary we can present most economic and safe solution with our experience..

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+ 90 222 22817 36

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